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Pupil Services


Director's Office CST Speech
Robyn Klim
Director of Pupil Services
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Tonia Campbell
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Alexandra Holt
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Rachel Albanesi
Administrative Assistant to the Director and CST
609-268-0220 ext. 2008
Heidi Fuller
School Psychologist
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Amanada Schroeder
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Renee Wells
School Social Worker
609-268-0220 ext. 2005

Special Education

In the Shamong Twp. School District, Special Education is the third tier in a continuum of services available for students who are experiencing difficulties in the classroom. This tier is based on the RTI (Response to Intervention) model. Students reaching this tier have an individualized program that is formally documented in an IEP or Individualized Education Program. Shamong Twp. School District has all placements available as defined by the New Jersey Administrative Code. Each student's program is designed to provide the appropriate interventions and services in the least restrictive environment.

The Shamong Township School District has an AM Pre-school disabled class and PM Pre-school integrated program. The AM class consists of 3 and 4 year olds and focuses on speech/language development, social interaction, and gross and fine motor skills development. The PM class is made up of 4 year olds and 5 year olds preparing for entrance into kindergarten. In addition to the focus of the AM class, the PM class concentrates on reading readiness, phonemic awareness using the Lindamood Bell program, and Kid Writing. The District also has a full-day program for those students whose difficulties and problem areas necessitate a full-day. As with all special education students their program is driven by the "Individualized Education Program - IEP" plan.

When necessary a kindergarten student may participate in an all-day program where they are in the general kindergarten class in the morning and a special education pull-out replacement kindergarten class in the afternoon. In the afternoon they receive additional instruction as well as their related services. This program continues to use the Lindamood Bell Program and the Kid Writing.

The majority of students receive there instruction in the regular education class. Others maybe pulled out to a special education class. All students are included in the mainstream for homeroom, lunch, some specials, and special activities. Instruction used in this setting includes the Stevenson Reading Program, Read 180, Simple Math, as well as many aspects of the general education curriculum. In the elementary school, pull-out language arts instruction is the norm in order to implement the Stevenson Reading Program. By the time students reach the fifth grade the majority of the students received support in the regular classroom. Some students however, may received three periods a week for any subject. The goal is to move the students into an in-class program. This transition begins in third or fourth grade. Most students in fifth grade through eighth receive their instruction with their non-disabled peers. The Read 180 Program is used in fourth through eighth grade for those students that still receive pull-out replacement instruction. Classified students in fifth through eighth grade can also receive pull-out support one to three periods a week for any subject.

Prior to a special education referral, a student is referred to the I&RS (Intervention and Referral Service) committee in concert with the first and second tier of our RTI program. The first level of intervention is in the classroom. The elementary general education teachers have been trained in the Lindamood Bell LiPs Program for phonemic awareness. They have also been trained by our staff development teacher in strategies for teaching comprehension and fluency. They have received professional development in Differentiated Instruction which is implemented at all grade levels.

Tier Two of the RTI program is essentially our Basic Skills Program. All students entering Kindergarten are assessed by the DIBELS or the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills. Students testing in the Intensive level are candidates for our Basic Skills Program. Intervention begins by developing readiness skills using the SOI (Structures of Intellect Program). Successful students may move out of BSI or continue with the Lindamood Bell LiPS Program. Fluency is also emphasized as part of the routine BSI instruction. Comprehension is addressed as needed and is usually the main focus in grade five and above. Basic Skills in the middle school occurs during pull out support periods as part of the special rotation schedule.

Shamong Twp. School District offers two programs that either help keep students out of special education or help special education students move to a less restrictive environment or possible declassification. The first program is Fast ForWord. Fast ForWord is offered before school at the elementary school level. The program helps improve students' auditory timing and has proven to be very successful. The second program is Interactive Metronome. Interactive Metronome is a one-on-one program designed to improve motor planning and helps to put a student more "in sync". Significant improvement has been observed in the student's overall functioning in the classroom including their reading.

Any teacher referring a student to IRSC completes a vision checklist to determine if there are possible vision issues. Both school nurses are trained to screen for vision efficiency as well as the traditional vision acuity. Results of these screenings are given to the parents for possible referral to the pediatrician or eye doctor.


The Shamong Township School District is responsible to the taxpayers of Shamong Township to ensure that all students attending Shamong Township School District are residents of the district. To be considered a resident, a family must reside in Shamong as their primary residence or domicile and contribute to the tax base. For further information on residency, click on this link.


The Shamong Township School District ensures that homeless children enroll in and succeed in school and those children and their families receive the educational services for which they are eligible. For more information, contact the District Homeless Liaison, Ms. Robyn Klim at (609) 268-0316 or click on this link.


The Shamong Township School District provides English as a Second Language instruction to students identified as English language learners. This determination is made using the ACCESS for ELLs assessment. The instruction is tailored to the need of the individual student. For more information, click on this link, or call the Office of Specialized Populations at (609) 292-8777.roject Child Find

Project Child Find

Does your 3-5 year old have difficulty with sitting, standing, walking, running, talking, hearing, seeing, listening, problem-solving, eating or socialization?

Shamong Township Schools provide a Preschool Disability program and services for 3-to 5 year-old children who are functioning below their chronological age in the following areas: Speech, and Language, Coordination, Social and Emotional Adjustment, Physical Health or General Learning. To be eligible, a child must be 3 to 5 years of age and qualify for special Education and Related Services based on a Child Study Team evaluation.

Does your school age child have difficulty with hearing, speaking, listening, learning, thinking, problem-solving, heal, behavior or social skills? The school district also provides programs and services to students ages 5 through 14 in grades Kindergarten through eight grade who are experiencing educational difficulties and are in need of Special Education and Related Services. To be eligible, the child must also qualify for services based on a Child Study Team evaluation.

Do you have educational concerns about your 15-21 year old who has never been identified as having a disability? Contact us and we can provide you with helpful referral information to best address your child's need (Seneca High School).

Educators believe the sooner a child's special needs can be determined, the better that child's chances are to receive an appropriate education. If you have a child or children who would benefit from the services we offer, please call the district at:


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