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No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind

NCLB is designed to set high standards and expectations for our students regardless of race, ethnicity, family background or disability. The scores of all subgroups are reported separately and annually. The subgroups include racial and ethnic groups, economically disadvantaged students, limited English proficient students, Special Education students and by gender. In New Jersey, subgroups consist of 20 students or more per subgroup per grade level. In the future, this will change as grades are "bundled" for the purpose of enlarging the subgroups (e.g. grades 3, 4, 5 and grades 6, 7, 8). The law also requires each state to set specific goals for student achievement on a yearly basis. Adequate Yearly Progress goals are set by each state in the tested subject areas. The proficiency level for demonstrating that students are doing grade level work is set by the state. The incremental marks for improvement must be met or exceeded each year. If a school does not make "AYP", the school is classified as a "school in need of improvement". By the 2014-15, the Federal government is requiring that all students at each tested grade level and in each subgroup must meet proficiency. So all schools must reach 100% proficiency by the 2014-15.

The Challenges of Meeting NCLB Requirements

A school must achieve 100% proficiency by the 2014-15 for all subgroups. If one subgroup fails to reach 100% proficiency, then the school does not meet AYP. We know that all children do not learn in the same way and at the same pace. Students progress differently and we need to provide support for children who struggle to keep up. To provide needed and additional assistance for some of our students will require resources--resources that are not being provided by the federal or state governments. We will dedicate resources at the local level to meet the needs of struggling learners. You can be assured that we will meet the challenge through the talents of our outstanding teaching staff and through your support at home.

Our District's Success and NCLB

Although test scores are important, they do not capture the entire picture of how a child achieves or reaches success in school. There are other measures such as portfolios, performance assessments, student writing, teacher-developed tests, etc. which serve as additional indicators of student achievement.
We believe that our schools are excellent and that all of our students can meet the challenges of NCLB. We will do all that we can to help our students be successful. To accomplish this, the following is planned:
Continued focused and increased professional development opportunities for our staff
Targeted initiatives in math and language arts
Continued enhancement of learning opportunities through the availability and implementation of technology and the teaching/learning process
Revision of K-8 curriculum to meet the needs of our students
Enhancement of the district and school websites to allow for access to district/school information on a timely fashion
Support of our learners in need through basic skills instruction and inclusion practices
Community Support and NCLB

Our schools belong to the entire community. Your involvement in your child's education is invaluable. Through support on a daily basis with assignments and homework, you can help your child to be successful in school. Specifically, you can:
Provide a quiet place to do homework
Ensure that your child has a good night's sleep and a good breakfast each day
Model character traits such as respect and responsibility so students are able to comfortably and effectively interact with others in the school environment
Take an interest in your child's schoolwork on a daily basis
Get involved in activities at your child's school
NCLB presents many challenges for each of us. The school district will direct our resources to ensure that each child is supported and successful. We need your support. Please contact us with not just your concerns but also your ideas on how we can make our schools better. With your support and assistance, we can continue to work to improve our schools and ensure the success of each child.

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