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Employee Benefits Online

Integrity Consulting Group
FAX: 609-737-4314

Medical/ SEHBP
(877) STATENJ/ 782-8365

(800)-414-SHBP/ 7427

Prescription/ Benecard RX Alliance

Dental/ Delta Dental
(800) - 452-9310


Pensions - State of New Jersey

AESOP Reporting

Recently the question has been presented by several staff members as to the procedure for reporting an absence if the cutoff time in the morning has passed. The cutoff time for reporting an absence on AESOP is 6:00 AM for both schools. In the event that a staff member will be absent from school, and the deadline has passed for entering the absence on the AESOP system for that date, the following steps should be followed:

Contact the appropriate building principal or supervisor and notify him/her of the date and reason (sick, emergency personal, etc.) for the absence;
Contact me (at the phone number listed on our Emergency Closing Phone Chain List) to report the date and reason for the absence. As the AESOP administrator, I will then record the absence on AESOP so that an attempt to obtain a substitute can be made.
These steps should be followed only in the event that an absence at the last minute could not be avoided. Please make every attempt to record any absence(s) prior to the cutoff time.

In addition, please be sure to enter an absence even if you don't need a substitute. When entering the absence, should you find that 'NO' is not an option under the 'Substitute Required" category, please contact me and I will make the adjustment in the system so that it is available for future absences.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (609)268-0120, or via email at

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